Timber Care

Pressure treated yellow pine has a lifetime limited warranty against fungi and termites. No maintenance is needed to renew
resistance to these organisms. However, protection is required to help maintain the wood’s appearance in the extremes of
outdoor weather. Sun and rain cycles cause stresses in timber and can result in some swelling and shrinking and cause small
cracks to appear in the wood. Please note that these cracks are not dangerous, as they are surface cracks and very rarely
penetrate deep into the wood.
To help protect your timber against moisture damage please follow the advice below. If maintained correctly, you will have
a product that will look beautiful and remain structurally sound for many years. Please note that some hardwoods may
require specialized care. The following guide is more commonly used for softwoods.

1. Seal
Apply an effective brand of water repellent sealer soon after you receive your product. Some stains are heavily
pigmented and form a film, just as paint does. Our recommendations for these are the same as those for paint. Most stains,
however, are more transparent and do not block moisture movement. There are other differences, though. Stains may
be oil-based or water-based. Some formulations can be used immediately; others perform best when the wood is
allowed to dry for a while. Best advice is to follow the stain manufacturer’s instructions. There are generally a number
of options available at your local DIY shop. Keep in mind that lower quality options will likely need be applied more
often and feel less pleasant to the touch. It is recommended that a water repellent be applied every year or two.

2. Refurbish

• Cleaning
To revitalize a dingy appearance caused by dirt and mildew, use deck brightener to clean the
outdoor wood. This will restore the timber colour and freshen it in preparation for applying a water-repellent sealer.
To clean, apply the brightener according to manufacturer’s instructions and scrub with a stiff
bristle brush. Wash the wood using water from a bucket or hosepipe. You may also use a power washer but
be careful to use a lower pressure setting and keep nozzle a safe distance from timber surface so as not to
“raise” the woodgrain.
After cleaning, allow wood to dry completely.

• Sanding
Once the timber is completely dry, sand down any rough patches, splinters or edges as needed. 80-
100 grit sandpaper is recommended.

• Inspect structural pieces
During the sanding process, be sure to check all pieces for structural soundness and that all
fasteners are in good condition. Replace any parts or fasteners that are damaged, cracked or broken. Any
fixings or fasteners can likely be sourced at your local DIY shop but you may need to contact your
manufacturer if you need any timber pieces that require a specific custom cut.

• Refinish
Now that your timber is clean, smooth, and structurally sound, you’re ready to
apply the sealer. Using a brush or roller apply an even coat of sealer following manufacturers advice. You
may need to apply multiple coats for a proper seal.
Now you can enjoy the feeling of satisfaction for the work you’ve just done as well as the natural beauty the revitalized
timber adds to your garden



We are highly selective in our materials, using premium quality, pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine. You can choose from one of our popular stain choices or leave the wood unfinished to finish yourself, or opt for the natural beauty of pine.

With seasonal care and regular cleaning, you can extend the life of your outdoor wood furniture. Make sure you store your furniture indoors or in a covered area during the winter months or in bad weather. We recommend refinishing your product with stain and sealant every 2 to 3 years.

By following our Timber Care instructions, you can protect your investment and keep your product looking great for years to come.

Sealers and Cleaners

Flood - 1 Gallon


FLOOD® PRO CWF® Multi-Surface Waterproofing Clear Sealant protects against moisture damage. Recommended for use on properly prepared exterior surfaces such as concrete, stucco, masonry, grout, mortar, terrazzo, wood, wood shingles, pressure treated wood, wood decks, outdoor wood furniture. DO NOT use on plastic, rubber, vinyl, tile, asphalt, or any sealed, nonporous surface. A test application is required to ensure proper absorbency.

    • Multi-Surface Clear Sealant
    • Added Mildewcide Package
    • Water Repellant Coating


Coverage Area: 13.9 – 23.2 sq m/3.78L

Coverage will vary depending on the type, age and texture of the wood.

Base Type: Water-Based


Flood - 5 Gallon

CWF-UV® Clear Wood Finish provides a natural finish that protects wood from sun and water damage.

    • Decks, wooden patios and more
    • Water based finish with penetrol deeply penetrates wood for maximum protection
    • UV and mildew resistant for durability
    • Dries to the touch in 30 minutes
    • Provides coverage for areas up to 750 sq. feet
    • Soap and water cleanup


Coverage Area: 150-250 square foot

Coverage will vary depending on the type, age and texture of the wood.

Base Type: Water-Based


Netrol - 1 Liter

Wood cleaner and color restorer – restores greyed, weathered wood to its original look

  • Lightens and restores color to all greyed, weathered wood without bleaching
  • Restoring the color of decking and cladding
  • Fast-acting – restores wood to its natural color in just 15 minutes


Coverage : 5 to 10m²/l 

Clean-up : Water 


Textrol -1 Liter

Non-Peel, Clear, Deep Penetrating Oil Finish For Exterior Woods 

Note: It is difficult to interpret or explain the ‘color clear’ as it will vary depending on the wood type you have.

  • Developed for weathered wood
  • Penetrates and protects from within the wood
  • Non-film forming – will not crack, peel or flake.
  • Protects against moisture and UV damage.
  • Quick and easy to apply – “wet on wet” application.
  • Provides mildew resistance.
  • Easy maintenance – no stripping or sanding.


Multicoat coverage : 5 m²/l

Coverage rate for maintenance : 10 to 12 m²/l

Clean-up : White-Spirit


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